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Tag: Net Promoter Score

Customer Journey Map Metrics

Posted in Brand, Brand Experience, Business Strategy, Customer Experience, and Customer Insights

Customer journey maps are a visualization of the journey that your customers go through to understand and engage with your organization. They tell a story…

Capture the Hearts to Change the Minds and Win Your Customers

Posted in Customer Experience, Customer Insights, Emotional Design, and Experience Design

Humans are irrational. We think we make rational decisions but science tells us we are incapable of making rational decisions. We cannot make a decision without…

You Talk – We Listen – We Act: Transforming Net Promoter from a Survey to a Process

Posted in Analytics, Customer Insights, and Voice of the Custostomer

  I recently heard David Deal, Senior Director Marketing at CHEP, speak about their challenges, trials, and triumphs with developing and maintaining their Net Promoter…

Promoter-Driven Economy and the Next Decade of Innovation in Customer Experience

Posted in Analytics, Customer Experience, Customer Insights, and Voice of the Custostomer

At Satmetrix’s 8th Annual Net Promoter Customer Experience Conference, Richard Owen, President and CEO of Satmetrix, gave the keynote: Friends with Benefits or Enemies with…

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