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Data Science Meets Design Thinking

Posted in Data Science, Data Visualization, and Design Thinking

In the O’Reilly article, Design thinking and data science: Solving problems with data necessitates a diversity of thought, Dean Malmgren from Datascope and Jon Wettersten from IDEO…

The Customer Experience Revolution – The Trailer

Posted in Books, Career Advice, conferences, Customer Experience, Customer Insights, Emotional Design, Experience Design, Innovation, and Leadership

It has been an exciting year for Jeof and I and The Customer Experience Revolution this month. We had a great time as Closing Keynotes…

Reviewing your designs 101

Posted in Uncategorized

I was recently asked what was the best way to review your designs. Regardless if it is stake holders, subject matter experts, buyers or end-users,…

Facilitating Customer Reviews

Posted in Customer Experience

When doing customer reviews, you want to do a lot of listening and very little talking. The secret is to get them to talk –…

Measure the Design

Posted in articles, and Uncategorized

Validate that customers’ needs are met and tasks are easy to do. Putting your solution in context for your customers and users, is a key…

Winning in the Marketplace: Deciding How Much User Experience Effort Does It Take

Posted in articles, and Uncategorized

You need to decide how much user research, design, and usability testing you can afford. This depends on your competitive market, business objectives, and release…

Validate Your User Experience Designs with Your Customers and Users

Posted in articles, and Uncategorized

When validating your new idea to the market, educate your customers so they can put your solution in a new context. This paradigm shift for…

Product Management and Design: Analyze the Requirements and Design the Solution

Posted in articles, and Uncategorized

Product Design conducts an analysis of the market, technology, and competition, in terms of the user experience and interface design, early in the product lifecycle…

Product Management and Design: Writing Requirements and Validating Solutions

Posted in articles, and Uncategorized

Product Management writes requirements that identify the problems in the marketplace and quantifies opportunities for their solutions. Product Design assists Product Management in validating the…

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