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Good Mentor Questions

Posted in Career Advice, Leadership, and Life

Good mentors are important. The best workplaces have formal programs to develop mentoring relationships. LinkedIn has even launched a feature to help you find one. And how to be…

Like Optimism, Happiness is a Good Thing, too

Posted in Culture, and Life

As I have discuss the virtue of optimism, Rebecca Temsen, a blogger at Self Development Secrets, reached out to me and shared this post on happiness.…

The Power of Optimism

Posted in Business Strategy, Career Advice, Culture, Innovation, Leadership, and Life

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” – Winston Churchill In today’s dynamic markets, teams must…

Conscious Capitalism

Posted in Culture, Leadership, and Life

In my younger artist hippy days, I believe that “money was the root of all evil.” As I got older, I realized that money itself…


Posted in Life

After almost six years, I am moving on from FICO. There were many things that attracted me to FICO (Fair Isaac Company). The analytic software…

Give the Moment What the Moment Needs

Posted in Career Advice, Customer Experience, Experience Design, Life, Quotes, and Service Design

Chris Bryant, at ProductCamp SoCal last year, said “Give the moment what the moment needs” I jotted this down and it really stuck with me. …

Open-Source Compassion Network, A Guide to Practical Compassion from Leo Babauta, Zen Habits

Posted in Leadership, and Life

From Leo Babauta Zen Habits blog post, A Guide to Practical Compassion, shares that: “To practice compassionate actions, you start with yourself. A lot of…

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