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Category: Emotional Design

The Power and Financial Value of Designing a Great Customer Experience

Posted in Brand, Customer Experience, Emotional Design, and Experience Design

Great designs create elegant and meaningful experiences for customers. And the design-oriented organizations understand the financial value of this:  “Apple, the epitome of a design-led…

Five Design Principles to Make a Great Customer Experience from Citrix

Posted in Brand, Customer Experience, and Emotional Design

Citrix Design team put out this great video, Why Design Matters to Me – Using Design to Make a Difference, where they explain five design…

Customer Experience, Brand and that Emotional Connection

Posted in Books, Brand, Customer Experience, and Emotional Design

“Where does your brand begin and end? Where does your marketing stop and delivering online start? With cloud computing, online purchases, SAAS use, and live…

Emotional Design

Posted in Emotional Design

Emotions have a crucial role in our ability to understand the world. Studies have shown that an object that “pleases” us appears to be more…

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