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Category: Data Science

UX Design Creating Transparency and Trust for Machine Learning

Posted in AI, Analytics, Business Strategy, Data Science, Design Thinking, Innovation, Uncategorized, and UX and Analytics

How we make machine learning transparent to our customers is one of the great design challenges of our time—and a very necessary one. Machine learning…

Artificial Intelligence Experience Design Principles

Posted in AI, Data Science, Experience Design, and Technology

As was the case with the mobile revolution, and the web before that, machine learning is causing us to rethink, restructure, and reconsider what’s possible…

Customer Engagement and Machine Learning

Posted in Analytics, Customer Experience, Customer Insights, and Data Science

Today’s consumers are overwhelmed by a constant deluge of advertisements and promotions. They are tired of the noise and fatigued by all the product options.…

How to Get from Information to Meaning: From Data to Journey Maps

Posted in Customer Experience, Customer Insights, and Data Science

From the article,”To Understand Consumer Data, Think Like an Anthropologist” in From Data to Action: a Harvard Business Review Insight Center Report, Susan Fournier and Bob…

Experience Design Principles for Machine Learning

Posted in Data Science, and Experience Design

I find myself going back to Fabien Girardin’s excellent article, Experience Design in the Machine Learning Era, and mining it for more gold. Fabien shares: “Nowadays,…

Fogg’s Seven Strategies to Influence Behavior in Experience Design

Posted in Customer Insights, Data Science, and Experience Design

According to Dr. BJ Fogg, founder of the Persuasive Tech Lab at Stanford University and the Fogg Behavioral Model, persuasive technology uses seven strategies to influence…

User Experience Insights Drive Better AI

Posted in Data Science, and Experience Design

In the Harvard Business Review article, AI Won’t Change Companies Without Great UX, Michael Schrage asked the question, “As artificial intelligence algorithms infiltrate the enterprise,…

Data Science Meets Design Thinking

Posted in Data Science, Data Visualization, and Design Thinking

In the O’Reilly article, Design thinking and data science: Solving problems with data necessitates a diversity of thought, Dean Malmgren from Datascope and Jon Wettersten from IDEO…

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