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Category: Customer Experience

Design Experiences to Exceed Expections

Posted in Customer Experience

I don’t need to tell you that industry research studies have found that the average company provides a customer experience that’s mediocre at best and…

Facilitating Customer Reviews

Posted in Customer Experience

When doing customer reviews, you want to do a lot of listening and very little talking. The secret is to get them to talk –…

Value, Satisfaction, and Where to Spend Your Money

Posted in Business Strategy, Customer Experience, and Customer Insights

Satisfaction/Value – this charts what customers’ ranked as most valued and most dissatisfied. Items that are most valued and most dissatisfied are where we should…

Skinit Customizer Increases Conversion by 350%

Posted in Customer Experience, and User Experience Study

Overview Skinit is the global leader in consumer electronic device personalization. In 2007 Skinit was preparing to enhance the previously successful Photo Uploader, a web-based…

Customer Community

Posted in Customer Experience

A customer community is where customers gather to share ideas, advice, experiences and feelings. Customer communities allow the organization that host the community to “listen”…

Customer Experience Management

Posted in Customer Experience

Customer Experience Management (CEM) is a strategy that focuses organizations around the needs of their customers. Moving customers from satisfied to loyal to advocate. As…

Customer Experience

Posted in Customer Experience

A customer’s perception of an organization is formed from their interaction across multiple-channels. Customer experience is the sum of all experiences a customer has with…

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