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Category: AI

UX Design Creating Transparency and Trust for Machine Learning

Posted in AI, Analytics, Business Strategy, Data Science, Design Thinking, Innovation, Uncategorized, and UX and Analytics

How we make machine learning transparent to our customers is one of the great design challenges of our time—and a very necessary one. Machine learning…

Technologies That Could Soon Enhance You in Body and Mind

Posted in AI, Customer Experience, Experience Design, Innovation, Medical Devices and Technology, and Technology

Here comes the future! Are you ready for augmented vision, brain-computer interface and the end of personal computers and smartphones? From Elise Bohan, 10 Human…

Artificial Intelligence Experience Design Principles

Posted in AI, Data Science, Experience Design, and Technology

As was the case with the mobile revolution, and the web before that, machine learning is causing us to rethink, restructure, and reconsider what’s possible…

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