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Life, Experiences, Moments and Memories

Posted in Brand Experience, Customer Experience, and Experience Design

Life is made up of experiences. Experiences are made up of moments and what we remember from those moments are memories.

Our lives are a series of events. Some of these events are big – birth, graduation, marriage… Some are smaller but just as meaningful – a sunset, a relaxing morning, a dinner with a close friend.

Experience Makers make memories. They architect an experience around taste, smell, sound, look and feel. They are artists, engineers, scientists… They understand human psychology, ergonomics and design along with lighting, sound engineering, manufacturing, development and whatever craft is needed to create an experience… a moment… a memory.

There are other special events in your life, too. Manufactured events. Architected events. Where your experiences are carefully, thoughtfully crafted for you. Where someone – or a team – have dedicated themselves to understand what is important to you – what is a meaningful experience to you. What “taste” do they want you to remember from the experience. What memory they want you to leave with?

The next time you are enjoying a meal at that restaurant with the amazing food, wonderful atmosphere and impeccable service… or that car interior… or that device… or that program; think about how that experience was architected for you. What moments were being created for you. What memories were you leaving with?

And what memories are leaving… for what moments… for what experiences you are creating?


  1. Cody A Frew
    Cody A Frew

    Simple and lovely post 🙂 I would also argue that Experience Makers craft non-memorable experiences as well- and that most of us actually spend more of our time crafting those experiences that will not be remembered by our users, and perhaps not even noticed…

    Especially in enterprise/productivity industry, where experiences are definitely had by all users all the time, but purposefully in service to job/goal accomplishment and perhaps fly under the radar of long term memory storage- largely because of the need to simplify and propagate efficiency. This can still be considered good design, and these can still be good & *important* experiences even if they aren’t memorable.

    Crafting memories is only a slice of it- onboarding/teaching/training experiences, delighters, signature moments, intentional friction, etc. all need to be memorable experiences. But those are spikes in an otherwise calm sea of experiences that wash over us every day and fall away to nothingness after serving their purpose.

    May 30, 2019
  2. Yes, Cody. To your point, good experiences are ubiquitous or invisible. We tend not to notice when things work well or are going well… and there is usually a lot of work to deliver those experiences. It’s hard work to make things easy.

    May 31, 2019

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