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Month: January 2018

Empathy Maps

Posted in Business Strategy, Customer Experience, Customer Insights, Design Thinking, and Experience Design

How do you win the attention of your audience and create content they actually care about? It happens when you take the time to understand…

How to Get Your UX Team a Seat at the Table: Building UX into Business Competency

Posted in Business Strategy, Experience Design, and Leadership

I have grown several UX departments from little or nothing to global highly efficient and effective teams. In every case, it was the same –…

Customer Engagement and Machine Learning

Posted in Analytics, Customer Experience, Customer Insights, and Data Science

Today’s consumers are overwhelmed by a constant deluge of advertisements and promotions. They are tired of the noise and fatigued by all the product options.…

10 Tips to Increase Website Homepage Conversion

Posted in Customer Experience, and Experience Design

I started developing website in the 1990’s – HTML 1, before CSS, basic JavaScript and the beginning of the dot com boom. Now there is…

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