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Month: November 2017

Customer Obsession Metrics

Posted in Customer Experience, Customer Insights, and Experience Design

We are now living in the ‘Age of the Customer’ where the pace of technologic advancement and customer empowerment continues to disrupt today’s business models.…

What are the Top 5 Behaviors of Design-Driven Organizations and Why Do They Matter?

Posted in Uncategorized

This article first appeared in LinkedIn November 14, 2017. Written by one of my heroes, Tim Brown, CEO at IDEO: Some of today’s most successful companies—Airbnb,…

How to Get from Information to Meaning: From Data to Journey Maps

Posted in Customer Experience, Customer Insights, and Data Science

From the article,”To Understand Consumer Data, Think Like an Anthropologist” in From Data to Action: a Harvard Business Review Insight Center Report, Susan Fournier and Bob…

Big Data Insights Improve Customer Journeys and the Bottom Line

Posted in Customer Experience, and Customer Insights

Is big data enough? Aggregate numbers can tell you a lot, but they say very little about how individual customers are thinking and talking about…

Better Decisions with Design Thinking

Posted in Design Thinking

We are constantly making decisions. Some are small and some are big like “should I have the oatmeal or the eggs?” or “How are we…

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