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Month: August 2017

Crafting Experiences for The Enterprise

Posted in Agile, Customer Experience, Experience Design, and Technology

In 2007, I wrote an article for Pragmatic Marketer magazine entitled “Easy to Use for Whom: Defining the Customer and User Experience for Enterprise Software.”…

User Story Maps

Posted in Agile, and Product

User story maps are a holistic view of your product backlog. Focus on the target outcomes and identifying the best way to ‘slice’ your MVP.…

Death of the Password with Better Authentication Design

Posted in Customer Experience, Experience Design, Service Design, and Technology

I recently attended Jared Spool’s presentation “Insecure & Unintuitive: How We Need to Fix the UX of Security.” If you haven’t heard Jared speak then…

Product Management and Design Working Together

Posted in Design, Design Thinking, and Product

The best product development experiences I have had have been when the Product, Design and Development work together. One experience that comes to mind, is…

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