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Month: July 2017

Customer Experience, User Experience and Agile

Posted in Agile, Customer Experience, Experience Design, Product, and Technology

I was recently interviewed by Carlos Marquez, CEO at Connexa. He was looking for clarity around Agile development and the roles that Customer Experience and…

Experience Design Principles for Machine Learning

Posted in Data Science, and Experience Design

I find myself going back to Fabien Girardin’s excellent article, Experience Design in the Machine Learning Era, and mining it for more gold. Fabien shares: “Nowadays,…

Sometimes You Need to Show the Seams: Ubiquitous, Invisible and Seamless to Seamful Design

Posted in Design, Experience Design, and Technology

Mark Weiser gave us the concepts of ubiquitous and invisible computing.  Ubiquitous – available to us anytime and everywhere – and Invisible – we don’t see…

Human-Human Interaction is Still a Thing

Posted in Service Design, Technology, and UX and Analytics

I have two assumptions: our dependency on technology is only going to increase; and the need for that technology to be ubiquitous or invisible will…

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