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Month: March 2017

Dieter Rams Design Principles

Posted in Design

Dieter Rams’s early awards for carpentry led to him training as an architect as Germany was rebuilt in the early 1950s. Rams joined Braun in…

Defining and Developing Your UX Strategy and KPIs

Posted in Agile, Business Strategy, and Experience Design

I recently helped a large enterprise software organization define and develop their UX strategic objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPI). We held a two-day offsite.…

Use Error – NOT User Error

Posted in Medical Devices and Technology

I attended this month’s San Diego’s Medical Device and Technology Network meetup. The always wonderful Dr. Joely Gardner, author, speaker, and industry leader human factors and…

Design Thinking and the Circular Economy

Posted in Design, and Design Thinking

In the Fast Company post, Ideo Says The Future Of Design Is Circular, Adele Peter shares that Designers are now considering the entire system and…

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