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Month: February 2017

Design Thinking is Iterative and Cyclical

Posted in Design Thinking

Design Thinking is an iterative process. In the larger context, we understand then explore then materialize our solution. Every step of the way is iterative.…

Design Thinking: Divergence and Convergence Cycles

Posted in Design Thinking, and Innovation

  In the creative process, you start with an idea. You explore aspects of that idea – go wide – and diverge into many directions…

Design Thinking: A Brief History

Posted in Design Thinking

You could say the basic principles of Design Thinking have always been around. It was these basic principles that early humans built tools and drew…

My Favorite Toy and Design Thinking

Posted in Design Thinking

My favorite toy as a child was a broken single reflex camera. It served as everything from my Star Trek tricorder to a spaceship for…

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