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Month: January 2017

Design Thinking Adoption Challenges

Posted in Design Thinking, and Innovation

Design Thinking is a powerful tool to innovate your strategy, organization or next disruptive product or service. But getting your organization to adopt Design Thinking…

The Right Color Palette for Data Visualization

Posted in Analytics, Color, Data Visualization, and Design

While visually appealing (harmonious) color palettes are easy to come by these days, finding the right color palette for data visualizations is challenging. Things are…

Experience Makers are Memory Makers: Products are now Props and Services are the Stage

Posted in Customer Experience, Experience Design, Product, and Service Design

In The Experience Economy, Pine and Gilmore explain how we are in a new economic era in which mere goods and services are no longer…

Design and Data Science: Creating Meaningful Experiences in the Machine Learning Era

Posted in Analytics, Design, Design Thinking, Experience Design, Technology, and UX and Analytics

With the advance of machine learning and “artificial intelligence” (AI), it has become the responsibility of both designers and data scientists to understand how to…

The Partnership Between Designers and Data Scientists

Posted in Analytics, Experience Design, Technology, and UX and Analytics

From Experience Design in the Machine Learning Era, Fabien Girardin shares that with a behavioral data-driven experiences, we exploit thick data, the qualitative information that provides insights…

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