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Emotional Connections at Co-Merge and UX Boot Camps for Entrepreneurs

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I got a coupe of events coming up that I want to share:

Emotional Connections
Tuesday, November 10
5:30 – 6:30 pm.

The talk will be Based on Jeof and my book, The Customer Experience Revolution, I will share how companies like Coke, Mini Cooper, Intuit and more develop deep emotional connection that create loyal advocates. We will discuss:

  • How emotions determine what we purchase
  • The stages of the customers emotional journey
  • How you can develop deep emotional connections with your customers to create loyal advocates

UX Boot Camp for Entrepreneurs
San Diego
January 23, 2016

This is a one-day course with discussions and hands-on activities to learn UX best practices. We will go over agile ways to quickly determine and develop your UX strategies and integrate the right amount of just-in-time UX processes to meet your business objective and to deliver the optimal experience to your customers. Please visit to learn more.


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