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Month: July 2015

Tailor Customer Insights to Prioritize Actions

Posted in Business Strategy, Customer Experience, Customer Insights, and Voice of the Custostomer

Just as we discussed how to chart satisfaction and value, you can do the same with tailoring your customer insights to prioritize actions. Somewhat like…

Three Keys to Innovation Leadership

Posted in Innovation, and Leadership

Harvard Business School’s Linda Hill, co-author of Collective Genius: The Art and Practice of Leading Innovation, and TED Speaker, with her team conducted extensive research…

Word of Mouth Strategies and Tactics

Posted in Customer Experience, Customer Insights, and Voice of the Custostomer

Source: Modern Comments Customer Feedback Stats From Medipost’s Let’s Rethink How Advertising Works: “As far back as 1966 the phrase “word of mouth advertising” was…

Recent Study Shows How Much That Device Usage Varies by Generation

Posted in Analytics, and Customer Insights

MillwardBrown Digital conducted a digital survey via mobile or desktop devices that included 1018 US respondents ages 18 – 69 who own or have access…

Six Steps to Building a Customer Journey Map

Posted in Analytics, Brand, Customer Experience, and Customer Insights

Danny Peters is Customer Experience consultant at Conexperience, specializing in Customer Journey Mapping and Customer Experience Management. He posted 6 Steps to Build a Customer…

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