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Month: April 2015

Contextual Design

Posted in Customer Experience, Design, Design Thinking, Innovation, and Voice of the Custostomer

Contextual Design is a process that includes methods to: collect data about people in context of their intents, desires, and drivers; interpret and consolidate that…

New Online Course uses The Customer Experience Revolution

Posted in Books

Jeofrey Bean and I had fun last weekend. We visited the studios at California State University, Fullerton to record a presentation for the new online…

Learn, Anticipate and Simplify the Customer Experience across Channels with Predictive Analytics

Posted in Analytics, Customer Experience, Customer Insights, Experience Design, and Service Design

We are at the intersection of three maturing technologies: mobile devices, cloud servicesĀ andĀ big data analytics. Experience Makers collect, correlate and analyze data from their customer…

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