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Month: January 2015

Core Innovation and New-Growth Innovation

Posted in Innovation

The December issue of Harvard Business Review, Build an Innovation Engine in 90 Days, shares the important distinction of core and new-growth innovation. Core innovations…

Personas, Actors, and Roles

Posted in Brand, Customer Experience, Customer Insights, Design Thinking, Experience Design, and Service Design

Personas, actors, and roles have been around for a long time. In Greek theater, the persona referred to the “theatrical mask” – a role played…

Behavioral Data Insights Drive Personalized, Contextually Relevant Experiences

Posted in Analytics, Brand, Customer Experience, Customer Insights, Experience Design, and Voice of the Custostomer

Customer experiences must be contextually relevant, personalized, and synchronized across the channels that they frequent. Organizations need to go beyond demographic, psychographic and geolocation segmentation…

Increase Creative Productivity by Sharpening Your Organization’s Collective IQ

Posted in Design Thinking, and Innovation

The Connection Science and Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has found ways to increases productivity by as much as 17% by improving flaws…

Marketing Lessons from Taylor Swift

Posted in Brand, and Customer Experience

MaryLeigh Bliss did this great post, 3 Marketing Lessons Brands Could Learn From Taylor Swift (Seriously), a little while back that I thought was, not…

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