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Month: November 2012

An Experience Design Definition Statement

Posted in Experience Design

One of the Apple Guidelines for developing applications is to create an application definition statement early in your development effort to help you turn an…

To Maintain Quality, We Must Do Some Pruning

Posted in Customer Experience, Leadership, and Uncategorized

Jason Fried, of 37 Signals, wrote this in his recent blog, Pruning: Making room for something new: “It’s so easy to create (because creating is fun),…

Your Product’s Personality Can Create Meaning, Trust and Loyal Customers – or Not

Posted in Brand, Customer Experience, Emotional Design, Experience Design, and Uncategorized

In their recent post, Emotion Communicates Personality, Forms Relationships and Creates Meaning, Trevor van Gorp and Edie Adams share with us that: “Regardless of whether…

Lessons From Apple: Schedule-driven release produces half-baked products and kills innovation

Posted in Career Advice, Customer Experience, Experience Design, Leadership, and Uncategorized

In the October 29 post by Om Malik, From inside Apple, the Scott Forstall fallout at,Om shares: “Unlike in the Jobs era, when the…

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