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Month: August 2012

Great Leaders Facilitate Innovation with Encouragement

Posted in Career Advice, Culture, and Leadership

In their August 20 post this past week, To Encourage Innovation, Eradicate Blame, Ken and Scott Blanchard share that “We know that the most innovative…

The Six Stages of CX Maturity

Posted in Culture, and Customer Experience

In the Temkin Group Insight Report: The Future of Customer Experience, Bruce Temkin shares the six stages of CX maturity: Ignore: Company does not see…

Companies are increasing their Focus on Customer Experience

Posted in Books, and Customer Experience

“Companies are increasing their focus on customer experience (CX) as they discover its link to loyalty and overall business results. This growing discipline around CX…

The Holistic Experience between Brands, Products and Services

Posted in Brand, Customer Experience, Emotional Design, and Experience Design

“Apple has been held up as the definitive example of how to integrate a brand and its products and services to create an extraordinary company.…

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