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Month: May 2012

Designing Great Customer Experiences with the Power of A/B Testing

Posted in Brand, Customer Experience, and Experience Design

“Over the past decade, the power of A/B testing has become an open secret of high-stakes web development. It’s now the standard (but seldom advertised)…

The Power and Financial Value of Designing a Great Customer Experience

Posted in Brand, Customer Experience, Emotional Design, and Experience Design

Great designs create elegant and meaningful experiences for customers. And the design-oriented organizations understand the financial value of this:  “Apple, the epitome of a design-led…

Inspire the Creation of Great Experiences

Posted in Culture, Customer Experience, Experience Design, Leadership, and Quotes

There’s work and there’s your life’s work. The kind of work that has your fingerprints all over it. The kind of work that you’d never…

Customer Experience is a Journey – Not a Destination

Posted in Brand, Culture, and Customer Experience

Too few companies are even managing their customer experiences. Customers are having experiences with their brand, message, and business – but they are not listening.…

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