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Defining and Designing Technology for People

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I have another article in The Pragmatic Marketer, the Pragmatic Marketing magazine for technology product managers. In this article, I have extended Dr. Donald Norman‘s ideas around activity-centered design to include roles, goals, and scenarios along with discuss the merits of contextual inquiry.

It all came about from a conversation that I was having with a colleague who at the end of the discussion said “you should write that down.” So I did. Please let me know if you enjoyed theĀ  article and let me know the next time we are having a discussion if I say anything worth writing down. šŸ˜‰

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  1. Hey Sean:

    The article on “Roles, Goals, etc.” is pretty good. I agree that going out and experiencing the real scene gives valuable feedback. The sad part is that very few companies do it or have the budget/patience to do it. The mega companies probably take that time, but I doubt any of the mid-size companies bother to take that pain. In any case, this is truly an eye-opener to those who are on the edge and I hope they will read your piece and get motivated more :-).

    May 9, 2010

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