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Enterprise Feedback Management

Posted in UX and Analytics

Enterprise feedback management (EFM) is an integrated approach to the management of all forms of feedback available to an organization. EFM solutions centralize key demographic and attitudinal data about respondents, targeted subsets, and integrate feedback data to and from CRM, HRIS and other systems

EFM consists of data collection, analysis and reporting. EFM solutions provide different roles and permission levels for different types of users, such as authors, participants, analyst, and anyone involved in the feedback lifecycle. Departments within an organization can collaborate on feedback initiatives, sharing results and gaining insights that enable the organization to listen, learn and react to the needs of their key stakeholders. EFM solutions use business rules to determine who needs to see what feedback information and which parts of process needs to be measured.

EFM helps organizations establish a dialogue with employees, partners, and customers regarding key issues and concerns and make customer specific real time interventions. EFM solutions provide decision makers with important data for increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty and lifetime value. EFM solutions look at customers “holistically” to better respond to customer needs.


  1. A very powerful feedback management tool that’s become popular on social networking sites is DISQUS. Comments (feedback) left on all the sites that use DISQUS as their feedback engine are consolidated. For instance, once you have a DISQUS accout, whether you leave comments for or my blog site ( all the comments are consolidated on your account on Otherwise your feedback becomes information that’s scattered across the web without any authenticity and are therefore, mostly ignored.

    Sounds like EFMs serve a similar purpose for enterprises allowing the capture of rich qualitative and quantitative feedback capture directly from their source. Is there an analytics engine behind EFMs? How do EFMs help you make better decisions once you’ve captured the feedback?

    -Armond Mehrabian
    Lean-Agile product development consultant

    February 10, 2010

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