Four Must Dos for your VoC Program

From’s Voice of the Customer measurement: Which metrics are right for you? by Stacey Nevel, here are four “must dos” for a successful Voice Of the Customer (VoC) program: Engaging stakeholders – align your VoC program with the business goals and provide actionable insights to support those objectives like increase revenue, reduced costs, increase cross sell, increase customer-centricity, […]

Making the Complex Simple with Progressive Disclosure

So how do you make the complex simple? How do you accommodate a person’s first-time experience from their familiar routine from their advance experts needs? With progressive disclosure. Progressive disclosure is an interaction design technique to help maintain the focus of a person’s attention by reducing clutter, confusion, and cognitive load by presenting only the […]

Experience Design in an Agile World

A recent Nielsen Norman Group study found that organizations that have adopted an agile development process are more proficient in execution but some have abandon research and design best practices and degrade their customer experience. Unfortunately, the study found, that most organizations following the agile development process didn’t include research on a consistent basis, if […]

Data to Delight in the Age of the Customer

We are in the Experience Economy that Pine and Gilmore predicted – a customer-centric marketplace that Forrester calls the Age of the Customer where: “A customer obsessed company focuses its strategy, its energy, and its budget on processes that enhance knowledge of an engagement with customers, and prioritizes these over maintaining traditional competitive barriers.” We […]

Christmas Came Early!

“Christmas came early” was the subject of a recent email I received from friend/colleague, Rob Scruggs. Rob had just gotten his special bulk order of The Customer Experience Revolution directly from the publisher. Rob distributed the books at his company and started a little CX revolution of his own. I first met Rob in March […]


After almost six years, I am moving on from FICO. There were many things that attracted me to FICO (Fair Isaac Company). The analytic software solutions for the world, delivered via desktop, SaaS, cloud, mobile – almost every platform you could imagine and for all major markets – government, military, finance, healthcare, retail, etc. It […]

Team Personas and Experience Maps

Paul Brooks wrote this article for UX Magazine about developing personas for team. Personas are a stand-in for a group of people who share common goals. They are fictional representatives—archetypes based on the users’ behaviors, attitudes, and goals. Usually we make the distinction between Buyer Personas and User Personas where the Buyer is the person […]

50 Year Business Roadmap and Design Thinking

I was having lunch with a colleague – catching up on family and his new gig, when we got on a conversation about the difference in US and Japanese business cultures (he has spent the last 25 years working in both). One thing in particular that stood out to me was that Japanese companies have […]

The Comic Con Experience

There were a lot of people this year! Since its beginnings in 1970, Comic-Con International: San Diego has grown into the world-wide phenomena of over 130,000 comics, movie, and science fiction fans, geeks, and nerds descending on the San Diego Convention Center for a multi-day event featuring dealers, programs, panels, film screenings, and more. In […]

So what is the Difference between Customer Experience and User Experience?

This is one of the most frequent questions that Jeof and I get. If you have read our book or heard us speak than you know the short answer. For the record, I want to share the longer (and more academic) answer. Don Norman is most credited for coining the term User Experience while at […]