Multisensory Experience Design Research Methods

Experience design as a discipline runs the gambit from human factors to fine arts. We experience reality from a variety of senses. As experience designers, we map out the affect of each cue along our audiences’ journey with the five senses – sight, sound, touch, taste, smell – the more senses engage, the more memorable […]

A Customer Journey Map Workshop

Just last week I ran a customer journey map (CJM) workshop at FICO World 2014. I always enjoy the enthusiasm for customers and engagement around designing better customer experience that happens at these workshops. The secret to any good workshop is to facilitate an environment of trust where the participants can be free to share […]

Designing a Consumer Product Packaging Experience

“We know that consumer purchase decisions are often made quickly and subconsciously, but there are opportunities where it’s possible to influence a consumer’s perception of a brand. People often make buying decisions by using all five of their senses and once product designers discover what each of these sensory influencers are, they can develop packaging […]

The Role of Information Technology in the Digital Customer Experience Revolution

Information Technology (IT) refers to anything related to computing technology, such as your computer network, hardware and software that connect you to the Internet, and the people that work with these technologies. Many organizations have an IT person or department depending on their needs. As we are at the intersection of the Information Age and […]

Four Must Dos for your VoC Program

From’s Voice of the Customer measurement: Which metrics are right for you? by Stacey Nevel, here are four “must dos” for a successful Voice Of the Customer (VoC) program: Engaging stakeholders – align your VoC program with the business goals and provide actionable insights to support those objectives like increase revenue, reduced costs, increase cross sell, increase customer-centricity, […]

Making the Complex Simple with Progressive Disclosure

So how do you make the complex simple? How do you accommodate a person’s first-time experience from their familiar routine from their advance experts needs? With progressive disclosure. Progressive disclosure is an interaction design technique to help maintain the focus of a person’s attention by reducing clutter, confusion, and cognitive load by presenting only the […]

Experience Design in an Agile World

A recent Nielsen Norman Group study found that organizations that have adopted an agile development process are more proficient in execution but some have abandon research and design best practices and degrade their customer experience. Unfortunately, the study found, that most organizations following the agile development process didn’t include research on a consistent basis, if […]

Data to Delight in the Age of the Customer

We are in the Experience Economy that Pine and Gilmore predicted – a customer-centric marketplace that Forrester calls the Age of the Customer where: “A customer obsessed company focuses its strategy, its energy, and its budget on processes that enhance knowledge of an engagement with customers, and prioritizes these over maintaining traditional competitive barriers.” We […]

Christmas Came Early!

“Christmas came early” was the subject of a recent email I received from friend/colleague, Rob Scruggs. Rob had just gotten his special bulk order of The Customer Experience Revolution directly from the publisher. Rob distributed the books at his company and started a little CX revolution of his own. I first met Rob in March […]


After almost six years, I am moving on from FICO. There were many things that attracted me to FICO (Fair Isaac Company). The analytic software solutions for the world, delivered via desktop, SaaS, cloud, mobile – almost every platform you could imagine and for all major markets – government, military, finance, healthcare, retail, etc. It […]