Conscious Capitalism

In my younger artist hippy days, I believe that “money was the root of all evil.” As I got older, I realized that money itself was not evil and could be used to do a lot of good – the problem was capitalism and how it was “driven by greed!” Then I realized that capitalism […]

Cross-Channel Attributes and the Customers’ Journey

“Attribution helps brands track their marketing and media efforts more accurately and show how they impact the overall business.” Daniel Kehrer, VP Marketing at MarketShare, posted in Forbe’s Insights The Truth About Cross-Channel Attribution In Marketing. Cross-channel attribution helps us see a holistic view of our customers’ journey Graphic by Theresa Wilcox Attribution provides clear and […]

Contextual Design

Contextual Design is a process that includes methods to: collect data about people in context of their intents, desires, and drivers; interpret and consolidate that data; use the data to create prototypes; and iteratively test and refine the prototypes with the target audience it is intended to help to ensure delight. Contextual Design is based […]

New Online Course uses The Customer Experience Revolution

Jeofrey Bean and I had fun last weekend. We visited the studios at California State University, Fullerton to record a presentation for the new online version of the User Experience and Customer-Centered Design course that, like several universities, uses our book, The Customer Experience Revolution. Dr. Joely Gardner has been using our book as a […]

Learn, Anticipate and Simplify the Customer Experience across Channels with Predictive Analytics

We are at the intersection of three maturing technologies: mobile devices, cloud services and big data analytics. Experience Makers collect, correlate and analyze data from their customer interactions across channels to learn, anticipate and simplify the experiences they create for their customers. In the post, Using Big Data and Machine Learning to Enrich Customer Experiences, Kurt […]

Sales, Service and Product Attract, Retain and Grow Customers with Personas and Journey Maps

Sales job is to find and acquire new customers. Services job is to retain and grow the current clients. Product needs to support both theses objectives. The product needs to provide features that new customers are looking for and features that retain and grow the current client base. In most cases, features that retain and […]

Leading Innovation

Innovation is a process of discovery according to Leading Your Team into the Unknown, The accomplished innovation leader: Works more by example than by dictate Asks questions rather than make decisions Clears a path to the unknown for the innovation team rather than identifying the end goal Gives people the right kind of time, […]

Proctor & Gamble’s Innovation Factory

“We know from our history that while promotions may win quarters, innovation wins decades.” – Bob McDonald, Chairman, President, and CEO, Proctor & Gamble The company spends billions annually on R&D – roughly 50% more than its closest competitor and more than most other competitors combined according to How P&G Tripled Its Innovation Success Rate. Each […]

Compassionate Detachment for Design Thinking

“Train yourself to let go of what you fear to loose” – Yoda, Star Wars III As an artist, or just someone who is excited about an idea, compassionate detachment allows one to explore ideas with an open mind and the see the whole over the parts. Oftentimes we get caught up in an aspect of […]

Core Innovation and New-Growth Innovation

The December issue of Harvard Business Review, Build an Innovation Engine in 90 Days, shares the important distinction of core and new-growth innovation. Core innovations enhance existing offerings or improves current operations. They enhance the current strategy and organization structure with the objective of offering rapid and substantial returns in the near future and funded […]