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Better Decisions with Design Thinking

Posted in Design Thinking

We are constantly making decisions. Some are small and some are big like “should I have the oatmeal or the eggs?” or “How are we…

Building the Right Thing, Building it Right, Building it Fast

Posted in Agile, Business Strategy, Innovation, and Technology

Markets are changing faster than ever. We are living Moore’s Law. In 1965, Intel co-founder, Gordon Moore, noticed that the number of transistors per square…

My Favorite Toy and Design Thinking

Posted in Design Thinking

My favorite toy as a child was a broken single reflex camera. It served as everything from my Star Trek tricorder to a spaceship for…

Design Thinking Adoption Challenges

Posted in Design Thinking, and Innovation

Design Thinking is a powerful tool to innovate your strategy, organization or next disruptive product or service. But getting your organization to adopt Design Thinking…

The Power of Optimism

Posted in Business Strategy, Career Advice, Culture, Innovation, Leadership, and Life

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” – Winston Churchill In today’s dynamic markets, teams must…

Personas, Journey Maps, Service Blueprints, and Innovation

Posted in Customer Experience, Customer Insights, Design Thinking, Experience Design, Innovation, Product, and Service Design

Personas Personas help you specify the context of use by identifying the people who will use your solution, what they will use it for, and…

Creativity and Innovation

Posted in Design Thinking, and Innovation

There is a world of techniques, methods and process that generate ideas (creativity) and convert those ideas into reality (innovation). They are “tools in a…

Minimum Viable Product

Posted in Business Strategy, Design, Design Thinking, Innovation, Product, and Uncategorized

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) center around the business perspective. It asks the question “what is the minimum product I have to build to figure…

Invention is the Practical Application of Creative Thought

Posted in Design Thinking, and Innovation

In The Business Book, they state that “Creativity involves the generating of ideas, alternatives, or possibilities, and the consideration of situations or problems in novel…

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