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Design Thinking: A Brief History

Posted in Design Thinking

You could say the basic principles of Design Thinking have always been around. It was these basic principles that early humans built tools and drew…

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My Favorite Toy and Design Thinking

Posted in Design Thinking

My favorite toy as a child was a broken single reflex camera. It served as everything from my Star Trek tricorder to a spaceship for…

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The New Relation Between Humans and Machines

Posted in Analytics, Customer Experience, Experience Design, Innovation, Technology, and UX and Analytics

“The experiences powered by machine learning are not linear or based on static business and design rules. They evolve according to human behaviors with constantly…

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Easy to Use: Icons

Posted in Agile, Books, Customer Experience, and Design

Ever visit a website or store or see a sign in a public space that you had no idea what the icon meant? There are…

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Calm Technology

Posted in Customer Experience, and Experience Design

The terms “calm computing” and “calm technology” were coined in 1995 by PARC Researchers Mark Weiser and John Seely Brown in reaction to the increasing complexities that information technologies…

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Persona Walkthrough

Posted in Customer Experience, Customer Insights, Design, Experience Design, and Service Design

The other day I was helping a good friend and colleague with a “persona walkthrough.” A persona walkthrough is when you “walkthrough” your experience assuming…

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How to Win I-Want-To-Buy Moments

Posted in Analytics, Brand, Customer Experience, Design Thinking, Experience Design, and Voice of the Custostomer

In a Think with Google I-Want-to-Buy Moments: How Mobile Has Reshaped the Purchase Journey blog, they shared five tips to win micro-moments. I supplemented them…

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Intervention Design and Iterative Prototyping

Posted in Design Thinking, Innovation, Product, and Service Design

You all know my evangelism for iterative prototyping… Well, you can imagine my joy when I saw this month’s Harvard Business Review dedicated to “The…

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