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Building the Right Thing, Building it Right, Building it Fast

Posted in Agile, Business Strategy, Innovation, and Technology

Markets are changing faster than ever. We are living Moore’s Law. In 1965, Intel co-founder, Gordon Moore, noticed that the number of transistors per square…

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Kano Model

Posted in Business Strategy, Customer Experience, Experience Design, and Innovation

A product or service feature will drift over time from a delightful innovation to a basic need. The drift is driven by customer expectations and…

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Experience Design, Machine Learning and the Platinum Rule

Posted in Analytics, Experience Design, UX and Analytics, and Voice of the Custostomer

The Golden Rule or law of reciprocity is the principle of treating others as one would wish to be treated. It is a maxim of altruism seen in many religions and cultures. Simply…

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Data Science Meets Design Thinking

Posted in Data Science, Data Visualization, and Design Thinking

In the O’Reilly article, Design thinking and data science: Solving problems with data necessitates a diversity of thought, Dean Malmgren from Datascope and Jon Wettersten from IDEO…

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Many Ways to Think About Your Personas

Posted in Agile, Experience Design, Product, and Service Design

Ten years ago, I wrote in “Product Design: Bridging the Gap Between Product Management & Development” for Pragmatic Marketer that: “Personas are a stand-in for…

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Group Personas

Posted in Experience Design

In some cases, you may only need to define a limited set of primary and secondary personas. It may be important to make the distinction…

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Design Thinking: A Brief History

Posted in Design Thinking

You could say the basic principles of Design Thinking have always been around. It was these basic principles that early humans built tools and drew…

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My Favorite Toy and Design Thinking

Posted in Design Thinking

My favorite toy as a child was a broken single reflex camera. It served as everything from my Star Trek tricorder to a spaceship for…

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The New Relation Between Humans and Machines

Posted in Analytics, Customer Experience, Experience Design, Innovation, Technology, and UX and Analytics

“The experiences powered by machine learning are not linear or based on static business and design rules. They evolve according to human behaviors with constantly…

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Easy to Use: Icons

Posted in Agile, Books, Customer Experience, and Design

Ever visit a website or store or see a sign in a public space that you had no idea what the icon meant? There are…

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