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Success Stories

Increase Retention and Spend with Journey Mapping

Challenge: Increase guest visits and how much they spend when visiting.

Solution: Create an experience that entices guest to come more often and spend more money when they visit.

Approach and Results

First, we interviewed the department leaders to better understand all the elements of the operation. We developed an initial guest journey map along specific questions for each phase of journey pertinent to each department.

Then, working with the customer analytics team, we did some data analysis of the CRM along with industry reports to define the guests into personas. We conducted our own survey to find guest by level, persona and NPS to participate in a journey mapping session.

Working with guest services, we recruited guest that matched our needs for journey mapping sessions. We held three all-day sessions – one for each player level – and gather about 900 touchpoint insights from our journey map sessions.

We conducted analysis from our insights and reported our findings and recommendations to the leadership team. These insights are informing Viejas short and long-term strategy and initiatives across the company.


HR Portal and Intranet Employee Experience

Challenge: Having acquired a large company, this client needed to merge their HR portals (and intranets).

Solution: Deliver a great HR portal and intranet experience to ALL employees.

Approach and Results

First, we looked at each intranet and interview employees from both companies to understand what they liked and disliked about their current intranet experience. Then we interviewed employees around the world along several factors including regions, business functions, business segments and job level and developed Personas.

The personas gave a clear understanding of the various employees’ goals, motivation and challenges. They informed the experience design of the new HR portal (and intranet).

Next, we developed simple prototypes of the intranet and conducted iterative reviews with employees that match our target audience (personas). Once we achieved the highest satisfaction with the new internet design, we worked with intranet development agency to implement the new intranet.

The new HR portal and intranet was a huge success. The employees loved it. Follow-up surveys found that the employees found the new internet more efficient, effective and delightful


Design Organization Optimization

Challenge: This client was growing at a rapid rate and was experiencing growing pains. In particular, their User Experience (UX) department was not meeting the needs of the product and development teams, morale was low and they seemed to have no direction to correct it.

Solution: Identify root causes of the problem, determine best approach and execute recovery plan.

Approach and Results

First, we interviewed the leadership teams to ensure a common understanding of the problem. Then we interviewed approximately 50 employees that worked in and with the design department to get a 360-degree perspective of the situation.

Using qualitative and quantitative methods and technique, we diagnosed the situation and provided a report to leadership with findings and recommendations. Based on the recommendations, we developed plans to address the major issues that included better defining the design process, roles and responsibilities, reorganizing the team to more effectively collaborate with product, development and other stakeholders including new hires in design leadership and key roles.

We execute multiple initiatives in parallel to address all the issues. By better defining the defining the departments process, roles and responsibilities and reorganizing the team, collaboration improved, moral went up and the department now thrives.


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