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Define Who, Why, What, and How: Roles, Goals, Scenarios, and Activities

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The product manager must have a concise vision for the product they can clearly articulate to the product designers. Put the customers and users activities…

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Understanding Customer Activities

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Dr. Donald Norman has suggested a hierarchical structure of activities, tasks, actions, and operations to better understand our customers’ interactions with solutions. In this model,…

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Don’t Listen to your Customers!

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OK, that got your attention… Sometimes the best way to satisfy a customer’s need is to ignore their suggestions. Customers have ideas about incremental improvements…

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Emotional Design

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Emotions have a crucial role in our ability to understand the world. Studies have shown that an object that “pleases” us appears to be more…

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Defining and Designing Technology for People

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I have another article in The Pragmatic Marketer, the Pragmatic Marketing magazine for technology product managers. In this article, I have extended Dr. Donald Norman‘s…

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Customer Community

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A customer community is where customers gather to share ideas, advice, experiences and feelings. Customer communities allow the organization that host the community to “listen”…

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Customer Experience Management

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Customer Experience Management (CEM) is a strategy that focuses organizations around the needs of their customers. Moving customers from satisfied to loyal to advocate. As…

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Customer Experience

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A customer’s perception of an organization is formed from their interaction across multiple-channels. Customer experience is the sum of all experiences a customer has with…

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Why I Network

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Several years ago I had the best job! I loved the company. I loved the folks I worked with. I loved what I was doing.…

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Corporate User Experience Maturity Model: Part 4 of 4

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Level 3: Integrated User Experience and Predictable Process When an organization integrates user experience into their corporate strategy then, using metrics, they can effectively control…

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