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Product Management and Design: Identify Problems and Quantify Opportunities

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Product Management identifies problems in the marketplace, conducts analysis, and quantifies opportunities for solutions to the problems. Product Management develops a better understanding of the…

User Experience Balance Scorecard Objectives, Measures and Metrics

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Each perspective of the Balance Scorecard includes objectives, measures of those objectives, target values for those measures, and initiatives, as follows: objectives—the major objectives a…

Balance Scorecard Aligns User Experience Strategy with Corporate Objectives

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With the Balance Scorecard system, an organization can align and manage its key corporate objectives. The User Experience Balance Scorecard maps the user experience process…

User Experience Balanced Scorecard

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Customers have experiences with an organization’s products and services regardless of whether the organization is consciously managing them. A good user experience delights customers—increasing adoption,…

Develop Visual Designs that Support the Brand and Enhance the Ease of Use

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Once you’re confident you understand various customers’ workflow, activities, and tasks, it’s time to develop visual design—color scheme, fonts, iconography, branding, and all graphic elements.…

Develops Prototypes to Validate Activities, Tasks, and Actions meet Your Customers’ Needs

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Product designers have tools they use to define activities, tasks, actions, and operations such as activity diagrams, wireframes, and prototypes. Product Design develops prototypes to…

Understanding Customer Activities

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Dr. Donald Norman has suggested a hierarchical structure of activities, tasks, actions, and operations to better understand our customers’ interactions with solutions. In this model,…

Defining and Designing Technology for People

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I have another article in The Pragmatic Marketer, the Pragmatic Marketing magazine for technology product managers. In this article, I have extended Dr. Donald Norman‘s…

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