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Category: Innovation

The Customer Experience Revolution – The Trailer

Posted in Books, Career Advice, conferences, Customer Experience, Customer Insights, Emotional Design, Experience Design, Innovation, and Leadership

It has been an exciting year for Jeof and I and The Customer Experience Revolution this month. We had a great time as Closing Keynotes…

Experience Innovation – Going beyond Product and Service and Re-Imagining the Customer Journey

Posted in Brand, Customer Experience, Customer Insights, Design, Experience Design, and Innovation

In FastCo.Design’s Move over Product Design, UX is the Future, Rick Wise, CEO LIppicott, shares: “Today’s enlightened leaders are achieving success by crafting the entire…

Considering New Technologies in Designing the Mobile Experience

Posted in Analytics, Customer Experience, Customer Insights, Experience Design, Innovation, and mobile

A phenomenal amount of innovation is happening at the forefront of mobile engagement. From wrist bands to smart pills, we are seeing the use of…

Why there is so much Bad Design?

Posted in Books, Customer Experience, Design, Emotional Design, Experience Design, Innovation, and Service Design

I am a firm believer in the Human-Centered Design Process. So, why are there so many bad designs? Here’s why: There was never a Designer…

And One More Thing… Realizing a Vision of Innovation through Customer Experience

Posted in Culture, Customer Experience, and Innovation

“And one more thing…” is a phrase Steve Jobs famously used in making announcements of products towards the end of his presentations. Steve Jobs also…

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