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Month: June 2018

Mental Models

Posted in Customer Experience, Customer Insights, Design, Design Thinking, Emotional Design, Experience Design, and Innovation

Mental models are psychological representations of real, hypothetical, or imaginary situations. They were first postulated in the late 1800’s by the American philosopher Charles Sanders…

Capture the Hearts to Change the Minds and Win Your Customers

Posted in Customer Experience, Customer Insights, Emotional Design, and Experience Design

Humans are irrational. We think we make rational decisions but science tells us we are incapable of making rational decisions. We cannot make a decision without…

Are Your Customers Analog or Digital?

Posted in Business Strategy, Customer Experience, Customer Insights, Design Thinking, Experience Design, Innovation, and Technology

My wife called from the garden to my daughter asking for the time. My daughter replied three fifty (3:50). I immediately thought “why didn’t she…

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