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Your Customer Experience Strategy and Journey Maps

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According to Forrester, 86% of companies say customer experience is a top strategic priority for 2011; 76% seek to differentiate based on customer experience; 46% have a company-wide program for improving customer experience currently in place and another 30% are actively considering it.

What is the right customer experience strategy for your company? Again, according to Forrester, The right customer experience strategy is the one that will help you:

  • Paint a vivid picture of how your company wants its customers to perceive it across all three levels of the customer experience pyramid: usefulness, ease, and enjoyment.
  • Guide decisions about what you need to start doing, stop doing, or do differently in order to create a differentiating experience.
  • Justify funding and prioritize the projects that get funded.

At a recent San Diego Software Industry Council User Experience Business Information Group [] event, Jeofrey Bean, Del Mar Research & Consulting Principal, Carol Buehrens, ICW Group Principal Customer Experience and Chief User Experience Architect for Enterprise Marketing, and Sharon Carmichael, Sony Electronics User Experience Manager, described how Customer Journey Maps offers strategic insight with an outside-in perspective and how they can identify critical parts of your customer’s experience, including satisfaction, pain points, gaps and disconnects in service, emotional responses, and brand impact.

It seems these customer journey maps are a good solution to help you determine your right customer experience strategy.



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